Wottan Motor

Urban Mobility

Wottan Motor is a Spanish company established in 2009 and created by a group of professionals with extensive experience in motorcycle business.


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+5.000 m2

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Who we are: The inspiration that drives us

We have been always stayed focused in Urban Mobility. Our main target is the urban scooter segment, offering our customers differential and alternative products. Competitive price can be offered at the same time than outstanding designs and, first of all and above all, the warranty and after-sales premium attention and its low cost of acquisition and maintenance, with an unbeatable Quality / Price ratio in the current market. Our customers’ satisfaction is the real inspiration that drives us.

Our 5.000sqm in company warehouse makes possible us to inspect and control the quality of all the units produced before delivery, and ta the same time, to keep the considerable spare parts stock required to guarantee after-sales service all over the world.

We offer motorcycles with attractive design, easy to ride and with a low maintenance cost.



To the environment, promoting the use of low consumption, versatile and urban vehicles.


To our clients, collaborators and competitors. We always offer the right information about our products, services and conditions. We love doing business but not at any price.


We must keep at an affordable price not only our units but also spare parts and labor maintenance.


With our collaborators, customers and employees to be able to work for a long time.


Our main priority: before, during and after the sale process; pay attention to our clients' problems and listen to their recommendations.

We are here for you. Please, contact us.