GP 2

The GP 2 is one of the most sophisticated and particular alternatives that can be found in the 125-R motorcycle market. With an aesthetic inspired by competition Superbikes, it offers drivers with A1 and B licenses a mobility option directly inspired by the circuits, with an urban functionality that Wottan Motor has shown in all its products of the last decade. With the GP 2, you will find yourself with an affordable, attractive, and functional sports bike. Do not hesitate!

With the GP 2, you will find yourself with an affordable, attractive, and functional sports bike. Do not hesitate!


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    It is obvious that its Italian design is inspired by the latest trends. Its aggressive angles or the integration of components such as the headlights as part of its personality give this GP 2 model its own character.

    One of the most striking and authentic elements is the double exhaust pipe outlet located just under the seat of the passenger and with the headlights on each side forming a spectacular set of tail.


    The GP 1 model is one of those bikes that attracts your attention as soon as you see it go by. Its lines are very eye-catching, with a very aggressive aesthetic, accentuated by its LED optics that strongly attract its attention.


    The GP 2 is a sports bike, a feature that stands out not only for its revolutionary aesthetics but also for its own characteristics such as the riding position, with higher and more adjusted footpegs, or the handlebar, which allows the pilot to make driving an “R” experience. However, the ergonomics of this new model make it one very easy to handle for any rider, with a very low weight of 155 kg and a seat height of only 760 mm.


    The GP 2 does not remain in pure aesthetics but is a proper sports bike thanks to the design of its tubular frame, with a totally “Racing” concept, a single-cylinder water-cooled engine, which works in compliance with the Euro 5 emissions regulations.


    The GP 2 is a bike with an evident sporting character. To manage the performance and the type of riding for which it is intended, it has been equipped with a series of components up to the task, such as the two huge 300 mm lobed disc front brakes with dual-piston calipers, the fork

    oversize or the CBS combined brake system. Without a doubt the best way to accompany you on your new path aboard an accessible motorcycle with the soul of a supersport bike.


    The driving position is designed to offer a comfortable and easy driving for day to day, since the 760 mm seat height allows direct support with both feet on the ground for the vast majority of users. At the same time, components such as the screen, the semi-handlebars or the footboards allow the rider to enjoy a sportier ride, while maintaining absolute and precise steering control on their road trips.


    The instrument cluster of the GP 2 is one of the most modern in the range, as it is a slim LCD screen where you can immediately check all important information in digital format and with a clear layout.


    È una moto su cui ti senti al sicuro dal momento in cui inizi ad accelerare. Il conducente ha sempre il controllo della situazione e ha a disposizione la strumentazione e le attrezzature tipiche delle moto di cilindrata maggiore.

    Prova di ciò può essere l’assale anteriore dotato di freni a disco a doppio lobato da 300 mm e pinze di ancoraggio radiali a doppio pistoncino e la forcella di sospensione anteriore di grande diametro, perfettamente integrata dall’ammortizzatore posteriore a braccio singolo.


    Despite being a sports bike, the GP 1 is designed for day-to-day use. Just look at the attractiveinstrument panel consisting of a large racing-inspired tachometer dial as well as a digital LCD display on which we find plenty of data and additional space with other useful gauges.


    The engine

    125cc, 1 cylinder, 4 stroke, liquid cooled and electronic injection (EFI).

    Dimensions and weight

    1.961 x 738 x 1.077 mm, 155 Kg


    Steel tubular


    Front: Large diameter telescopic fork. Rear: Rear single shock absorber and single rocker in aluminum alloy


    Combined braking system with dual piston calipers mounted with dual 300mm front discs and only one 240mm rear disc.

    Tank capacity

    10 L

    Rear tire

    140 / 70-16

    Front tire

    110 / 70-16

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