Wottan Motor has partnered with YASUNI to introduce the AXIAL variator, a unique integrated solution to improve the driving experience of the Storm and Storm-T models.

The objective of this alliance has been to produce a unique, bespoke variator that improves power delivery throughout the rev range, delivering improved throttle response and providing the rider with a more controlled and safer experience.


YASUNI has invented, created and patented a true automatic transmission system, not a simple variator. With the Axial variator, the rider is the true master of the steering, the throttle controls are transferred directly to the wheel, thus achieving the best performance for the engine.


The inverter body is made of CNC machined 6000 series aluminium with ceramic coating. This is a major improvement compared to other forged and ground drives. CNC machining is the way to ensure that all parts are 100% identical and perfectly balanced.

They use stainless steel for the ramp, and with the objective of reducing friction, they have incorporated a unique and patented fibre centre bushing: the B32. The sliding masses are made of high-tech plastic with molybdenum.

The product has been developed to guarantee maximum durability and minimum maintenance. Thanks to its innovative design and the greater number of teeth, we increase the contact surface with the bell, distributing the effort and thus reducing wear. In addition to reducing wear, we have patented a patented cooling system inside the transmission incorporating a fan, thus reducing the working temperature.



The internal self-ventilation system reduces the working temperature of the inverter.

With the Yasuni variator, the engine becomes nicer, smoother and quieter than with the conventional variator.

As there is no contact between the bellhousing and the variator, it allows the pulley to react immediately when opening or closing the throttle.

Increases the rider’s feel for the scooter: the absence of internal friction in the Yasuni variator allows for better throttle feel and quicker response.

Powerful, controlled output.

When the inverter is fully open, the maximum speed increases.

Power delivery: always keeps the engine at maximum power throughout the rpm range.

Instant power: thanks to low friction and quick throttle response, it allows the bike to recover immediately, ensuring instant power delivery.

Maximum efficiency optimization of the engine’s performance.

Engine braking: in the same way that thanks to the ultra-low friction we can open the variator immediately when the accelerator is operated, the system reacts just as quickly when the accelerator is released (deceleration), creating the engine braking effect.

The mass design is designed to improve bell contact and reduce wear.

The centrifugal masses slide in their housings without rotating.