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[LA REPUBBLICA] The ABS scooter arrives from Spain for under 3000€.


The ABS scooter arrives from Spain for under 3000€. 

In the crowded urban scooter scene, Spanish company Wottan has recently arrived offering well-equipped vehicles at reasonable prices.

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[INSELLA] New Wottan STORM-X+ 125


New Wottan STORM-X+ 125 

The design is modern, well executed, attractive; there is no lack of balance of forms; everything is well connected to offer a young and effective image.

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[SOYMOTERO] Test drive the STORM-X, modern and stylish for everyday use.


Test drive the STORM-X, modern and stylish for everyday use 

Wottan continues to offer new products, this time a new STORM-X with two trim options and a great TFT instrumentation with full-screen navigation.

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[MOTO 125] TEST STORM-X, an urban warrior


TEST STORM-X, an urban warrior 

Discover the new STORM-X+ 125, a versatile scooter with a modern design and advanced features that will surprise you.

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[AVTO MAGAZIN] TEST STORM-X, mini-maxi scooter


TEST TORM-X, mini-maxi scooter 

Wottan enters the Slovenian market with competitive prices, a wide range of products and a solid commercial and after-sales service.

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[MOTOFICHAS] STORM-X, the latest 125cc scooter to be introduced by Wottan Motor.


STORM-X test

We get behind the controls of the STORM-X+, the latest 125cc scooter that comes in two versions at a very competitive price to compete with the most popular in the segment.

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[DUERUOTE] STORM-X, a little luxury at a reduced price


STORM-X, a little luxury at a reduced price

The 125 from Spanish manufacturer Wottan Motor has everything a vehicle in this category should have.

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[IL SOLE 24 ORE] Wottan STORM-S 300, this is the Spanish mid-range scooter


STORM-S, this is the Spanish medium-displacement scooter

The Spanish manufacturer presents its scooter with 300 cc engine and 27 hp: correct habitability and enough power to get out of the city.

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[INSELLA] STORM-S, a sporty and well-equipped scooter at a good price


STORM-S, a sporty and well-equipped scooter at a good price

It comes with comprehensive standard equipment, a good engine, and good load capacity at an affordable price.

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[SOLOMOTO-MUNDODEPORTIVO] Wottan STORM-X + 125: Stylish urban GT with attractive design and good equipment.


STORM-X is already here!

The novelties do not stop, and each one that arrives improves on the previous one, such as the STORM-X + 125, an elegant GT that surprises with its attractive design, its good equipment and a knockdown price.

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[DUERUOTE] Wottan Motor range: innovation and style for urban mobility


Wottan Motor: stylish and innovative urban mobility solutions 

For more than a decade, Wottan Motor has stood out on the urban mobility scene by offering innovative and unmistakably stylish solutions.

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[Wottan conquers Italy - NEXTMOTO] - New Wottan scooter with innovative features and low price.


Wottan set to conquer Italy

Wottan has created a scooter that is unrivalled in the world: it has many new features and a very low cost.

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[Insella] Wottan Motor STORM X-125, quality at a good price Among the most interesting new products from the Spanish manufacturer is the new Storm-X which, after its debut at EICMA, was also successfully exhibited at Motodays.

WOTTAN STORM-X, compact design, quality and equipment at a good price 

The new Storm-X is one of the Spanish manufacturer's most interesting new products, which, after its debut at EICMA, was also successfully exhibited at Motodays.

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[Inmoto] - The Spanish manufacturer presents its Wottan brand in Italy.


First time at Motodays and new products coming soon

The Spanish manufacturer was one of the protagonists of the motorcycling weekend at the Rome Motorcycle Show.

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[Moto.it] - Wottan: An up-and-coming brand with a strong foothold in the Italian market.


Wottan's first time at Motodays

We review the history of this up-and-coming brand and take a look at the latest additions to the range, which will soon be available in the retail network.

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[Inmoto] - Test of the STORM-R 300: A mid-displacement scooter with great performance.


Test Wottan STORM-R 300  

In the mid-range scooter range there is a new contender for the title: it's called the Wottan STORM-R 300.​

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[Dueruote] - Discover the surprises hidden in the Wottan STORM-R 300.


Wottan STORM-R 300, a nice discovery

Wottan, a top-of-the-range scooter (the Storm-R 300), ready to take on the best-sellers in the segment. Marco Boni, who tested it and discovered its qualities, tells us about it.

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[Moto.it] - STORM-R 300: Design, power and competitive price.


The top of the range sports scooter from the Spanish brand Wottan.

Best value for money scooter

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[EICMA 2023 - Motorbike] - Wottan presents its new products at the Milan Motor Show.


Wottan 2024: New products presented at EICMA

We approached the Wottan Motor stand at EICMA 2023 where we would like to highlight some interesting proposals for the coming season.​

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[EICMA 2023 - SoyMotero] - Wottan presents its new products at the Milan Motor Show.


All the new Wottan products at the 80th edition of EICMA

The 2023 edition of EICMA is full of surprises. They are showing us their future ranges and among them we find, for example, all the Wottan novelties that we will enjoy in 2024.

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[Wottan STORM-V Test - Mundomotero] - Analysis of Wottan's multi-purpose scooter.


Check out WOTTAN STORM-V: The Best Everyday Use Scooter

A model with a very strong personality. A wide range of colors, with some very distinctive as the unit provided by the brand, for testing.

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