WOTTAN teams up with MALOSSI to launch the WOMO drive, a unique integrated solution to enhance the riding experience.

The team has set to develop an exclusive, custom-made variator that improves power delivery throughout its rpm range, transmitting better acceleration response and providing the rider with an experience of greater control and safety.

The variator

MALOSSI has developed a variator for the STORM-S, STORM and STORM-T exclusively for WOMO. Granting the rider true mastery over the steering, the throttle controls are transferred directly to the wheel, giving the best performance for the engine.


The product has been developed to guarantee maximum durability and minimum maintenance.

Power curve

The graph shows two curves: one in black represents the scooter with the original variator, while the curve in red represents the scooter with the Malossi WOMO variator.

In the curve above, you can see the RPM graph, which shows a higher performance with the WOMO variator compared to the original one. When accelerating, the scooter reaches almost 8.000 RPM, which is the maximum power output of the engine, in contrast to the 7.500 RPM offered by the original variator.

The second set of curves shows a comparison between the acceleration of both variator models. As the graph evolves, it can be clearly seen the Malossi WOMO variator is over two seconds faster two reach 120km/h


With the WOMO variator, the engine becomes more comfortable, smoother and quieter than with the conventional variator

With the WOMO variator, the pulley reacts immediately when the throttle is opened or closed.

Increases the rider’s feel for the scooter: allowing for better throttle feel and quicker response.

Powerful output under control.

When the inverter is fully open, the maximum speed increases.


Power delivery: always keeps the engine at maximum power throughout the rpm range.

Instant power delivery

Maximum engine performance optimisation.